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Lacy doily lampshade

Could it be that I’m blogging again. So I come back with a new living room lampshade (I list the doily patterns used in the Ravelry page).


  • a lampshade frame (from recycling center, 3€)
  • several meters of bias tape to wrap around the frame (5m was not enough, more like 7-8m)
  • around 20 doilies crocheted with cream cotton thread and 1.25mm hook
  • sewing thread, needle and pins (my wrists looked like I had been trying to pet an angry cat)
  • beads (to give hem some weight so it drapes nicely)

And then some pictures!

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The Year 2013 in Review

Usually I have kinda avoided doing these sort of posts, because I have had nothing to say really, especially nothing particularly happy. And you know the people who write Christmas letters, well they wouldn’t write them unless they had had a good year. Luckily I’m not a person who writes gloating Christmas letters, instead I’m person who writes a gloating blog entry. :P

I have to say I felt rather down during the spring. I sort of HAD to graduate. So I gathered my guts and did it. :D It wasn’t easy process for me, but I got thru in the end. I think my official graduation date was 20th on June.

Then I had little brainless holiday time which included quite a few little parties with my friends A, H and another H.

But really the next thing was to find a job for myself. So I emailed my old summer job boss to let her know I have (finally) graduated and you know if there happens to be need for a radiographer well I wouldn’t mind knowing. She promised to let me know and in the end there was. Of course if there hadn’t been I would have seriously started looking jobs nearer my parents but I’m really glad I got this chance.

So on the last day of September (which was also last day of my train ticket student discount) I moved to smallish city called Kerava. And while my workplace is in different city, I live in nice cycling distance from there (good thing because I have lost little weight, and I don’t mind that at all).

On 2nd of October I started in the new job. Nice thing was that I hadn’t forgotten everything I had learned. My current contract is until the end of the March but I’m pretty sure it’ll continue even after that.

I also became a vegetarian, which isn’t hard. Giving up the dairy is though. But I’m getting there. I think I’ll need to buy a blender and then I can make my own cheese free pesto.

So all in all quite an excellent year. I achieved all the things - except one - I wanted to achieve this year: graduation, job, flat and feeling little happy. I don’t have the cat yet but that can wait once I have settled down better. :D

Next year I think will be fine. :D

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Dining Area And Computer Desk

Actually this is pretty much exactly how I wanted my dining area to look like. I have the table (PS 2012) and chair (TERJE) (just one at the moment because the other chair had a leg broken during the delivery) I wanted. My curtains are green and so is the lamp. Most of the things in this space are from IKEA, even the bamboo. (Next to the bamboo is my third avocado experiment, hopefully I don’t murder the poor plant this time. :/) The hardest part was finding the curtains. I didn’t have totally clear image in my mind but I knew that once I’d see the right thing I’d know it! Actually I think I still haven’t seen that right fabric but I do really like the curtains I ended up buying. I added two little owls there as a whimsy decoration. :P

And here is my rather cably computer desk (after taking the photo, I bought wireless keyboard so one cable less now). I originally had my computer in living room on a bigger desk but I wanted to dedicate that desk for sewing. So I got this cheap and I think rather stylish desk (VITTSJÖ) from IKEA and moved the computer to bedroom. It’s really small so I have really no chance to fill it with crap because just the non crap things fill it. The blue box on the floor is used as a feet rest (I have short legs). I think I’ll try to find a small round carpet under the chair. You can see also (next to the printer) a corner of a framed winter scenery “quilt” mum made for me, which I should hang on the wall in some point.

Next in my list is buying a bed. I’m planning to get that in January so I should decide by then what sort bed I really want. I was first thinking Mandal, but dunno anymore (especially because of stupidly located closet). D: At the moment Svelvik is pretty high in my list.

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Going dairyfree

I didn’t think I’d write a post like this but oh well here we go. So in the beginning of the October I quit eating meat, coincidentally there was (and is since it’s still October) also happening the #lihatonlokakuu (Meatless October). Simply not eating meat isn’t hard for me. I don’t particularly care about meat and I don’t really like cooking with it. But in November (I will call it #maidontonmarraskuu, it just sounds better in finnish) I have decided to give up the dairy. I’m lactose intolerant for one and I have feeling my belly would like me more if I respected that fact. Then there are obvious ethical reasons.

My main goals at first are: quit eating cheese and changing the obvious dairy products to non dairy ones (like cooking cream, yogurt and milk chocolate). Anyway since dairy is bit everywhere, this decision will mean I can’t eat at the hospital eatery anymore. They have nommy vegetarian options but I’m rather doubtful that they’re always dairy free. So I’m going to take this as an opportunity to plan my dinners bit more. I guess I’m going to spend the last days of the October searching for dairyfree recipes. I have found already one I’m going to try: Fuck Up Pizza Pasta. I’m not going to make a weekly post about what I’m going to eat (that’s just not my style) but I think that when I find particularly tasty recipe I could share that here. :D

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Night Lamp

Yesterday I bought this lamp from ikea and first I just stared it and thought it was pretty. Then I painted the bottom half green with water colours and stared it bit more and painted the top half purple. I think it’s prettier now. It’s now standing on the bedside “table” (it’s not actually a table because I don’t have one yet but a moving box upside down).

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