Good company

So couple days ago I saw this picture in Google+. Basically it was supposed to be inspirational picture with 41 famous atheists. I didn’t feel very inspirational to be honest. Six women, rest were white men… well there was Morgan Freeman too. So instead of moping around I decided to do something. Here are 41 atheist women. Some of them are more famous and some less famous but I think each of them are worth of knowing. Actors, activists, adventurers…

Margaret Sanger, Shirley Manson, Ayn Rand, Kathy Griffin, Jennifer McCreight, Beth Ditto, Virginia Woolf, Kim Deal, Marlene Dietrich, Frida Kahlo, Sikivu Hutchinson, Taslima Nasrin, Carmen Argibay, Butterfly McQueen, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Jodie Foster, Helen Mirren, Bj√∂rk, Emma Thompson, Kathleen Hanna, Rachel Griffiths, Katherine Hepburn, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Julia Sweeney, Maryan Namazie, Rebecca Watson, Ophelia Benson, Sarah Outen, Julianne Moore, Liv Arnesen, Meera Nanda, Greta Christina, Sarah Vowell, Keira Knightley, Gloria Steinem, Ursula K. Le Guinn, Simone de Beauvoir, Sarah Silverman, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Debbie Goddard, Amanda Marcotte

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